Group – Adult Children of Narcissistic Abuse

New group Starts in early 2023

Who This Is For

For people who grew up with an emotionally or physically unsafe parent or caregiver.

This a peer support group for men and women to come together and share your experiences .

Topics we will cover

  • How you are wired to tolerate mistreatment
  • Your denied experience: gaslighting and manipulation
  • The importance of creating and maintaining healthy boundaries and how to do it
  • Communicating with someone who is hostile and uncooperative: managing the relationship
  • Acknowledging and holding the grief of lost family bonds
  • Creating “chosen family”
  • Finding your authentic self in the ruins of abuse

Meeting Details

Virtual Group Meets every other Thursday – Starts 2023

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Fee is $40 per session

8 Sessions:

  • Session 1
  • Session 2
  • Session 3
  • Session 4
  • Session 5
  • Session 6
  • Session 7
  • Session 8

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Contact me to reserve your spot and schedule your phone screen:

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