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Do you suffer from Relationship Trauma?

Many people think that trauma is limited to a single catastrophic life event or circumstance. But trauma can also occur gradually, over time, as the result of chronic destabilizing conditions or relationships.

Emotional and verbal abuse is all too common in today’s world. Even if it feels normal, it is very toxic and harming your health. Seeking counseling help is critical for stability and recovery.

If you are experiencing anything such as:

Feeling misunderstood or not believed

Overwhelming shame or guilt

Walking on eggshells in your relationships

A sense of shock or numbness

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious

Sense of being disconnected from others, loneliness

Recurring anxiety or panic attacks

Heightened or persistent sense of fear

Intrusive thoughts

Patterns of negative thinking

Insomnia, nightmares

Feeling easily agitated or startled

Suspicions of others motives and difficulty trusting others

Withdrawal from relationships or social settings

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You may be struggling with trauma.

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Are you or have you ever been bullied?

We live in a very stressful and chaotic time and many of us didn’t get the tools we needed to manage so much stress. In fact, many of us grew up in families where bullying and shaming was considered normal. Bullying and abuse is not normal and we can recover, find our strength and thrive.

“We are always in a perpetual state of being created and creating ourselves”

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If any of these feel true for you, counseling can help.

You are divorcing or co-parenting with an emotionally abusive person

You are the family scapegoat or “black sheep”

You find yourself in repeated relationships with toxic or abusive people

You are currently being mistreated or bullied in your job

You feel responsible for the feelings of others

You feel you have to manage your relationships to always please others

You don’t know what you want or need or how to discover it

You feel powerless in your life

You want to have healthier relationships

You know you need help but don’t know where to start

It can happen to anyone, no matter your age or background. You have the power to stop it.

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