I’m Fine, Thanks. . . coming soon!

Something came across my desk that I just have to tell you about:

This is a trailer (and a request for funding) for a documentary about complacency. I watched the trailer and I just fell in love with it. Of course I will pledge and I hope you will too. But even if you don’t please get the message and pass it on.

In my work with people suffering from the effects of bullying, I see all too often how we stay in jobs, relationships, family systems where we are miserable, abused and lost because we think we have to follow the rules. We believe in one right way to be in the world: one way to be accepted by those around you, and if you’re not, then there is something wrong with YOU.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is nothing wrong with you. Gay, straight, black, white, thin, fat, left, right…you are just fine the way you are. If you are not accepted, appreciated and cherished by those around you then there is something wrong with them. Not you. If you are unhappy in your job, your relationship, your life, then risk the change. Find people who get you. Follow that still voice, that tickle of curiosity, go where your heart is calling you. There are more routes and possibilities for happiness than you can imagine.

Reach out, step back, look up…set your course…If you are not fine, you will be.

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