It always starts with the first thing…

Welcome to my new blog. I had been thinking about getting this going and, as my title suggests, it just takes one simple thing to get you moving in a new direction. In this case, a new friend wanting to connect on LinkedIn, which caused me to review my profile, which led to reviewing the “new” features on LinkedIn which include linking your blog, and here I am with a new blog to share my professional insights with the world. That’s how change happens.

Why today? I don’t really know. I have the time, I suppose. But I am aware that my judgmental thoughts are creeping in saying things like..”you’re late, you should have done this two months ago”…”you should be taking a walk right now”…etc.etc…These thoughts are so unhelpful and if I let them, they could rob me of the satisfaction and joy I would like to feel now that I have done this thing that I had set a goal to do. And here I am and it is done. Yay me.

So when you are thinking of all the things you want to do remember it just takes a simple act of following the impulse in the moment. It can come from anywhere, even a list you are making right now. It doesn’t matter. It just matters that you allow the impulse to take you.

I’ll be back!

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